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Conference Case Study:

Macquarie Telecom

Annual Staff Conference

The Brief

To design and produce an annual staff conference that actively engages the audience, reinforces the brand and values and clearly operates as a major motivating mechanism.

To follow-up with a conference dinner (350pax) that is interactive, entertaining and memorable.

The MSF Solution

The MSF strategy was to open the conference with a high impact motivational and emotive piece of branded entertainment and over the years this has included live performances, multiple performers, customised vision packages, customised music and lyrics, specially designed sets and props and costumes and even the creation of branded characters.

A further strategy was the inclusion of high profile guest speakers and packaging of presentations with impactful graphics, soundscapes, props and vision packages so that each presentation became a piece of branded entertainment, while still clearly communicating the company messages. Popular TV culture provided a multitude of opportunities including Macquarie Idol, Macquarie Millionaire etc

The conference dinner, also reflected a strong entertainment theme, with nonstop performances on the main stage including, fully choreographed and costumed shows, illusionists, feature artists as well as a band to keep the party vibe in the room maintained at all times. All staff are encouraged to dress to the theme and to engage the staff further, some of the entertainment features staff members who rehearse (under top secret conditions) with professionals in the weeks leading up to the conference to deliver a finale and surprise moment.

Apart from the branded design, entertainment and creative, MSF also supplies talent and musicians, fully choreographed shows, all filming including web simulcast, video design and production, lighting design and installation, audio design, edit and production, staging design and manufacture, all crewing and event personnel, technical and production management, venue liaison, room styling, F&B design and management, custom made scenic elements, exclusively designed centerpieces, linens overlays and chair covers.

The Outcome

Over the years MSF has provided a high standard of brand creative and production and continues to deliver fresh and clever ideas for this annual event. Loyalty and a spirit of 'working together' are major benefits that are achieved amongst the staff following this event, year after year. Both the conference and the dinner are a sought after event and the major topic of conversation in the office for weeks afterwards.